Response Management

Do you have online marketing taking place and the response getting filled in your forms? Are you taking the time to respond to the forms?

A delay in response is the delay caused in sales and marketing. Online marketing requires a continuous and quick response at internet speed. You may be getting the response but delaying in reaching and qualifying them lowers your sales and marketing targets.

Falcon Konnect helps you in taking control of all those responses in a fraction of seconds by responding and qualifying them. We put to work the best people, system, and processes in place to provide a quick response for the leads generated.

Our response management services include

  • Designing the qualified lead to you and your salespeople
  • Creating the best pre-qualification questions which help in filtering the response from relevant contact and relevant company
  • Generating and executing the best policies for follow up and call routing
  • Putting to work the best-qualified person to respond, follow-up and actively engaging with prospects