Step-by-step guide to doubling sales from Facebook Lead Ads

You're getting lots of leads from Facebook Lead Ads, but sales haven't improved much, and you realize many of your leads aren't actually purchasing your products. Why is that?

You can increase your new lead to sales conversion rates by 300% or more if you do things differently instead of condemning Facebook for "low quality leads" that don't buy.

First, here are a couple things you need to know about Facebook leads:

  • Facebook leads tend to have a genuine interest in your stuff. Considering today's concerns about privacy and spam, they are hesitant to provide you their contact information if they aren't interested.
  • Facebook leads are time specific. They clicked on your ad and submitted their contact information after seeing it on their newsfeed. It won't last long. Your ads will be followed by posts by friends and ads from other businesses. They will then go off and live their lives outside of Facebook. It won't take them long to forget what your ad was about!

How do you convert your leads into paying customers? Here are 5 easy steps to help you increase your conversions.

Leads should be contacted within 15 minutes of being identified

Contacting your leads as quickly as possible increases their chances of responding and converting into customers. Particularly true for Facebook leads who are really tight on time. Within the first five minutes of contacting a lead, your chances of connecting are 100 times greater than after 30 minutes of contacting them

Leads should be contacted on the right channels

Contact your leads using a chat app like WhatsApp, iMessage, or SMS if you want them to see your messages and respond to them. Your messages will be seen every few minutes with apps they are comfortable with. Your chances of getting a response will be much higher when using chat than emails or phone calls.

Personalized messages

You are sure to get ignored, reported as spam, and blocked when you send generic messages that begin with "Dear Sir/Madam."

Approximately 10 words should be included in the lead's first message, along with their name and the product/service they're interested in. They know what the message is about right away by looking at the notification preview.

You must make it clear to the lead that you are reaching out about something they're actually interested in even though your message will come from an "unknown number."

Make it easy for people to reply to your messages

Leads are more likely to respond to your message immediately if they can read and reply to it within 10 seconds. Otherwise, they'll put it off until "later", which is often "never". You shouldn't use a lot of details, links, or attachments in your first message. Likewise, you shouldn't ask 10 questions that require multiple responses.

Your introduction message should stay below half of your screen. Ask a simple "yes/no" question that they can easily comprehend and respond to.

Ensure you follow up at least twice

If a lead doesn't respond, it doesn't mean they're uninterested. Stay in touch 2-3 times more. Usually, they just weren't available or couldn't respond immediately.  The key is to reach them at the right time.

Contact them at different times of day and use different channels such as WhatsApp, SMS, iMessage, and phone calls. Please don't contact them too many times in one day, otherwise they will find it annoying and block you.

You'll quickly see a 300% or more increase in response rates and sales conversions if you follow the steps above for every Facebook lead you receive!

It's great if you can already personally contact leads within minutes via WhatsApp, iMessage, or SMS! If not, try Falcon Konnect.  We ensure that all your leads are contacted right away, have proper follow-ups, and are converted into long-term customers. 


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